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The Republican


Spring Home & Garden


engraved while you wait. A

personal touch can be added

to almost anything else in the

store by having a wooden or

colored plaque attached to a

toy box, outdoor bench, or set

of wind chimes.

An extensive line of home

décor ranges from primitives to

candles, wreaths, and florals.

For the kids, there are tables

and chairs, rocking chairs, doll

highchairs and cradles, hobby

horses, and games. Any kid will

love the outdoor PlayMor play

sets that are set up for them to

try out.

Also available is a variety

of outdoor furniture such as

picnic tables, pub tables, bar

stools, and Adirondack-style

chairs. Most can be made in

either pressure-treated pine or

poly lumber. Poly furniture is

made from recycled milk jugs,

keeping them out of landfills

and helping the environment.

However, the poly looks like

all-new material, comes in a

choice of colors, and usually

holds up much longer than

traditional wooden furniture.

Over 2,000 of the furniture

products and options offered

can be browsed on the online

catalog at whisperingpinesfur-

niture. com.

Whispering Pines is a neigh-

bor to Dawdy Haus Coffee.

What was once an apartment

for the original owners of

the building has been recon-

structed to accommodate

a sit-down place to enjoy a

great cup of coffee, latt


, and

many other specialty drinks,

along with something to eat.

The establishment’s mission is

“to serve you by providing a

comfortable, inspiring atmo-

sphere where you can enjoy

high-quality coffee creations

and delicious food options at

a reasonable price.”

The entire menu is available

online at,

and events and specials are

updated on Facebook.

How To Spruce Up Your

(StatePoint) – You may not

realize it, but the average resi-

dential property can be haz-

ardous to local wildlife without

proper precautions taken.

An estimated 98 million

birds are killed annually in

the U.S. when colliding with

windows, according to West-

ern Ecosystems Technology,

making your home a potential

death trap during migratory

season. However, there are

steps you can take to not only

protect the birds whose flight

path traverses your yard and

garden, but also offer them

a safe place to rest and feed

– adding natural beauty for

your garden.

Start by making glass visible

to birds by applying safety de-

cals to window exteriors every

few feet. Remember sliding

glass doors as well.

To maintain the look of

your home and your own

view out the window, use

decals that are unobtrusive to

the human eye, but contain

a component that reflects ul-

traviolet sunlight. Those from

WindowAlert have proven in

studies to be an effective visual

barrier that only birds can see,

particularly when combined

with WindowAlert UV Liquid,

a gel which can be applied

between decals for greater


“Everyone can help con-

tribute toward making mi-

gration safer for birds,” says

Spencer Schock, founder of


Because the UV reflectivity

may fade over time based on

exposure, replace the decals

every four months and reapply

the liquid every three months.