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The Republican

Newspaper 7

MHBR No. 7287

Garden With Bird Safety In Mind

Schock also points out that if you

want migratory birds to stay awhile, you

may want to consider avoiding the use of

pesticides that kill insects which are their

natural food source. A strategically placed

bird feeder – either within three feet of a

window or over 30 feet away in order to

prevent bird strikes – can provide nourish-

ment and energy to hungry birds. Ideally,

bird feeders will be placed well away from

where prey may be lurking, such as bushes

and trees.

If you own cats, you should also be

mindful of their danger to birds and monitor

your cats’ time spent outdoors to ensure

they are not hunting feathered friends.

More tips for turning your yard into a

safe haven for birds can be found at win-

“Birds play a valuable role in our ecosys-

tem,” says Schock. “Protecting them from

the hazards humans have created will not

only save lives, but will improve your local

environment, too.”