Breaking News - 10/29/2012

Garrett Officials Address Weather Emergency, Offer Advice, Note Shelters

Garrett County Government officials, in conjunction with State of Maryland agencies, participated in a weather briefing in the County Public Safety Emergency Operations Center today, Oct. 29.   The purpose of the meeting was to ensure a coordinated and comprehensive response to the severe weather that will be impacting Garrett County and the entire eastern part of the United States.  Representatives from the Department of Emergency Services, County and State Law Enforcement, Department of Public Utilities, the County Roads Department,  State Highway Administration, Garrett County Health Department, Department of Social Services, and Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services addressed issues including emergency response during adverse conditions, potential sheltering needs, public travel recommendations and contingency planning and augmented staffing for response agencies.

As a result of the collaborative meeting the following recommendations are hereby issued :
• Make preparations to be self-sustaining in the event of prolonged power outages or inaccessibility due to road conditions. This includes adequate food, water and medicinal supplies; flashlights, batteries, battery-operated radio, etc. If you use a generator, make sure to allow for proper exhaust ventilation More information is available on FEMA’s website (
• During the worst of the storm, through tomorrow morning, law enforcement officials stress that the public do not travel unless absolutely essential. High winds, snow and flooded roadways are expected over the next 48-72 hours. County Road crews will respond to emergency situations only until conditions permit safe travel when normal road maintenance will resume.
• Shelters have been established at Friendsville Fire Department, Deer Park Fire Department and Southern Garrett Rescue Squad and will be opened as needed.

For further information, contact the Brad Frantz, Emergency Management Coordinator with the Department of Emergency Services at 301-334-7619.