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The crowds came alive as Fabien LeFevre crossed the finish line in first place, winning the USA's sole gold medal at the ICF Canoe/Kayak Slalom World Championships. American flags were raised and waved with fervor as he cut his way down the whitewater course, earning his spot in international canoeing history. The spectators were actually supportive of all the competitors, according to staff reporter Seth Tressler, who said that even when an athlete was having a bad run, the crowd would encourage and cheer him or her on to finish the race. "It was really cool to see everyone pulling for each other, and for every team," Tressler said. "Other team members would run alongside the course as their teammates took their run, cheering and whistling all the way." See a feature story of LeFevre's victory and other event coverage by Tressler on this page, as well as in-depth photo coverage. Photo by Lisa Rook. To see today's entire issue, click on "Your Virtual Newspaper" above. 
Today is Sept. 25, 2014.