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Cellphones and scanners all over Garrett County squawked simultaneously last Thursday evening, with the message urging local residents to take cover immediately, as the National Weather Service detected the formation of a tornado in Preston County, headed east toward Garrett County. While conditions seemed drizzly but relatively calm throughout most of Garrett County at that moment, indeed there was a funnel cloud/tornado, as seen in this photo. The twister evidently formed near Aurora, W.Va., and then moved east into the Red House area of Garrett County. The photo was taken by Anthony McGee, Oakland, from his place of employment in Red House. His camera was pointing west toward Aurora at the time. While some damage to trees in Cathedral State Park just east of Aurora was reported, there were apparently no structures damaged and no injuries caused by the storm in either county. To see today's entire issue, click on "Your Virtual Newspaper" above.
Today is April 16, 2015.