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48th Autumn Glory Guide

A special ceremony was held Saturday to dedicate a new plaque erected along the railroad tracks in Loch Lynn which memorializes the seven children who were killed 56 years ago when their stalled school bus was struck by an eastbound passenger train at the railroad crossing. This was among the worst-ever school bus/train accidents in the United States, and led to new national safety regulations at railroad crossings. Pictured above are some of the survivors and/or family members of those who died in the crash. From left are Delores (Shaffer) Burns, who was seriously injured; Roy Dixon, also on the bus and credited with saving the life of his sister Gladys (Dixon) Virts, pictured far right; Cathy (Deem) Savage and Sharrol (Deem) Harvey, whose two older siblings were killed in the accident; Frances (Dixon) Sharpless, sister of Roy Dixon and Gladys Virts, who was also injured; Roy Hinkle Jr., who was seriously injured and lost a brother; and Virts. Hinkle was the primary speaker at the dedication, and noted that the accident occurred on his birthday. He spoke about the various positive changes that came about as a result of the crash, including the emergence of local rescue squads. Hinkle and his father Roy Sr. were both charter members of the Southern Garrett County Rescue Squad, with the elder serving as the squad's first captain. The plaque, designed by Richard Hill of Sincell Publishing Company, was purchased by the town of Mountain Lake Park via a historical grant. Photo by Lindsay Mulliken. To see the entire issue of today's paper, click on "Your Virtual Newspaper" above.
Today is Oct. 1, 2015.