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The Rockcreek Steel Drums, a group from Annapolis, came to the mountaintop this week as part of the Garrett County Public Schools' 2014-2015 performing arts offerings for students. This performance was sponsored by Samantha Funding the Arts. The group first entertained on Monday at an assembly at Crellin Elementary School, and then worked specifically with the students in the Crellin Rhythm and Rubbish Band, which is under the direction of music teacher Heather Roth. "Rockcreek gave a brilliant presentation," Roth said. "Our kids were drawn in from the beginning. They gave a great history of the steel drum and the music of the Caribbean, and also made connections across our curriculum. We are so thankful for the generosity of the Samantha Funding the Arts leadership and its dedication to the students of Garrett County." The group went on to play for students from both county high schools' bands and choruses at Garrett College, and played again on Tuesday morning for about 300 fourth and fifth grade students at Garrett, and then for middle school music students in the afternoon. This is one of about five performing arts programs offered to students with funding from outside sources. A program earlier this month by the Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble was hosted by the Garrett County Arts Council, and the Bay Street Brassworks, also funded by Samantha Funding the Arts, is slated for March 27. The Barnstormers – Slim Harrison and Tom Jolin – will be hosed by Garrett Lakes Arts Festival in May. Photo by Lindsay Mulliken. To see today's entire issue, click on "Your Virtual Newspaper" above. 
Today is March 26, 2015.